women and work


The second part of the women and work trilogo by Tatjana Turanskyj had it´s world premiere at the 64. Berlinale 2014

TOP GIRL - Poster

This second part of Tatjana Turanskyj’s trilogy on women and work is concerned with prostitution as a profession and contemporary service industry. Julia Hummer plays 29 year-old Helena, TV soap opera actress, mother of 11 year-old Xenia (JoJo Pohl), and herself the daughter of an intrusive and over-anxious mother (Susanne Bredehöft). Helena hates dependencies of any sort. While her official work primarily consists of futile castings and being kept on hold, her real acting skills are miuch on demand with her sideline: To maintain her desired standard of living Helena has set herself up as self-employed sex worker Jacky, working from a shared bordello flat and as an escort. It’s where the real drama takes place, whose scenarios are determined by herself. Catwoman and cracking whips. The brothel as a stage. Two of her loyal clients, David (RP Kahl) and Freddy (Simon Will), help her in her endeavour, and rather than leaving, the protagonist eventually rises to unexpected heights. Turanskyj’s analysis of the commodification of women’s bodies climaxes in a hunt performance served as a new sexual taunt, which Helena, now the agency boss, has devised for particularly deserving work colleagues.


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