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Tatjana Turanskyj

TATJANA TURANSKYJ has been an art house film maker and a performance artist since 2001. She was founding member of Berlin women’s film collective Hangover Ltd.* (2001-2007), in all of whose films  Tatjana Turanskyj performed, and acted as co-writer and co-director (REMAKE winning 1st Prize at Oberhausen Intl’ short film festival in 2005). Since 2008 Turanskyj is joint partner in  turanskyj&ahlrichs*** GbR. Her acclaimed and award winning film EINE FLEXIBLE FRAU – THE DRIFTER  is her first project with producers turanskyj&ahlrichs***.

The film had successful runs at more than 15 international festivals, such as Berlinale/Forum 2010, Gothenburg 2011 and Cannes/ACID 2010, and was nominated for a number of awards (Teddy Award for Queer Cinema; Debuter, German Independence)  and won the „Nuovi Sguardi“ Award in Milan 2011.

THE DRIFTER is distributed by Filmgalerie451, and had a successful nation-wide cinema run in 2011. It continues to attract audiences in arts exhibition contexts, specialist symposiums, and in political debate.

Tatjana Turanskyj’s scripts received official support from numerous agents such as women in arts funding from the Berlin Senate (regional government)  for EINE FLEXIBLE FAU, HIGH POTENTIAL, from the German Film Found BKM for TOP GIRL as well as from the National Filmboard FFA (KORLEPUT).

Her new film TOP GIRL was premiered in 2014 at the 64th Berlin FilmFestival Berlinale/Forum.

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